Whatever, Winter.

Boston is traditionally bad at winter. This is something that I’ve never been able to understand, because Boston is certainly not new to the concept and should have mastered the arts of deicing and plowing in the last four hundred years. With that perennial complaint made, however, I’m currently up in arms about another aspect of winter in the greater Boston area: standing outside in the cold, waiting for a bus that never comes.

There is a bus route that is supposed to start three blocks or so from my bus stop. It is supposed to begin its route at 7:36 a.m. exactly. For a week and a half, though, that bus did. not. run.

I am making a serious effort to get to work “on time” and it is incredibly difficult to manage that feat when 30 minutes of my morning are spent staring longingly down the street in hopes of espying a vehicle bringing (ostensibly)  heat and mobility.

Piffle to you, MBTA.

I’m delighted to report that I have been to see my optometrist and I am officially conjunctivitis-free! This is absolutely worthy of celebration, to my mind, as I have never before had conjunctivitis and it was an entirely unpleasant experience. This was hugely welcome news on Tuesday morning, as I’d spent a rather sleepless night and needed something positive to get me through the headache and the lack of energy that persisted through most of the day. Even though it had been a full week without conjunctivitis symptoms, it was an immense relief to hear good health confirmed.

The vast majority of last week was fairly dreadful, honestly. Monday night was only the first instance of sleeplessness. Tuesday wasn’t much better. I did actually sleep very well on Wednesday night but Thursday night was a series of painful awakenings from abdominal pain. Added to that were frustration with lingering symptoms of my cold and mental exhaustion from an absurd amount of overtime, and I was pretty much ready to curl up and hide from reality with my head under my pillow for the duration of the weekend. That’s basically what I did, with the notable exceptions of making chili and finally starting on a long overdue baby blanket.

I spent an incredible amount of money on meals last week, being so tired that I didn’t trust myself with the oven or stove during the moments I was roving the apartment like a ghoul. Even thawing out the chili in the freezer and portioning it out into travel-sized meals seemed impossible. Yesterday, therefore, I made more chili and stuck it into the freezer in lunch-sized doses. I usually make a production out of chili, with special trips to the store for a variety of produce and cheeses, but yesterday I indulged in the joy of “Oh, I have that in the cupboard? Into the pot it goes!”

Tonight, I will make pasta so that I have something to stick in the microwave and eat for dinner when I get home at “ugh, what is this hour.”

Keep on keeping on, me!


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