Pillow Fort: UPGRADE

It is dastardly cold in my living room. The kitchen gets all the sun and I would love to spend my time basking in its warmth. Sadly for me, the open wireless network signal that I rely on for budgetary reasons does not reach that side of my apartment. Banished to the window-laden, shaded side of my apartment, I frequently huddle on the sofa under a pile of blankets, wishing I had a means of protecting my nose.

This morning, after spending twenty deliciously cosy minutes enjoying my iced coffee at my kitchen table, I retreated to the cold living room. My intention was to spend my time trying to load the video lecture for the Coursera class I’m taking. The reality was somewhat different.

Five minutes spent retracting into smaller and smaller fetal positions on the cold sofa had me thinking longingly of a nice little cave that could be warmed by my body heat. Then, inspiration struck!


Why not?! I have blankets, pillows, and a papasan chair. I might not be an engineer, but I am nothing if not creative!





I am armed with trail mix, lip balm, Altoids Smalls, and iTunes. Inglebert the dragon is keeping me company. I am rapidly nearing 30 and I have no regrets about the state of my living room.

If only I could get the lecture video to load…!


3 thoughts on “Pillow Fort: UPGRADE

  1. You, my Meg-a-doo, are fabulous!! I wish I had been there to curl in your cozy fort while reading a good mystery!! An excellent method to keep your body heat up to a good degree!!! I may have to borrow your idea while I am sorting things upstairs – for some reason in this house the heat doesn’t rise to the entire upstairs area – only as far as the thermostat and therefore the end bedrooms are always COLD!!

    • Sometimes, I wonder why I haven’t converted my entire apartment into a cushion-y palace. All that extra insulation…! I actually broke down later in the day (post-fort) and went searching for gloves because my fingers were so cold. I should probably learn to give in and turn up the heat but that would be letting Winter win!

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