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Because Life Is Better With a Cat On Your Lap

Everyone likes cat videos. I defy you to find a single human being who has never laughed at a cat video.

Last year, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota sponsored an Internet Cat Video Festival. The turn-out was huge – more than 10,000 people! – and the New York Times featured an article describing the crowd and how the idea grew from a half-joke to a festival blending Internet and real-world cultures.

This year, the city of Somerville, Massachusetts is paying homage to that first fiesta. This weekend, the Copycat Festival will take place at Arts at the Armory. On Sunday, February 17, cats will be front and center in the eyes, ears and conversations of the city.

The Somerville Arts Council has developed a distinctly local spin for their version of the kittyfest. The event is set to be hosted by author Jef Czekaj, whose books include Cat…

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