So much for reading.

I was going to spend the day in bed, hidden away from the rain and cold, reading the complete novels and stories of Sherlock Holmes. Instead, I did this:


A vast improvement on a blank wall, methinks.

Of course, my living room now looks like this:


This will definitely earn me some Chore Wars points.

I really did mean to sit around and do nothing today, honest. I woke up with headache and a sore throat and it was absolutely miserable outside my window so I ventured out of my bed just long enough to grab the first Sherlock Holmes volume. Being the ultimate procrastinator, rather than dive straight into the book, I spent some time fiddling around on the Internet before cozying up with my literature. The Internet delivered! I came across a mention of using the bottom of a two-liter bottle as a kind of stamp to make flower petals.

How intriguing! Oddly enough for someone who very rarely drinks anything that is not coffee, water, milk or beer, I happened to have a two-liter bottle in my minifridge. A friend came over last night and we watched The Emperor’s New Groove (which he had never seen and I have memorized) and ordered calzones and soda for dinner.

I read two chapters of the book and then looked at the glass of soda I’d poured earlier to cut the gunk out of the back of my throat. …The hell, I thought, I’ll go ahead and drink the rest of it and maybe try out that bottle thing later.

“Later” became “after finishing the third chapter” and I found myself lying on the floor of the common room attempting to stamp and fingerpaint some flowers onto cheap drawing paper. I gave the matter some thought (a second counts, right?) and then got dressed, grabbed my coat and headed out to the bus.

An hour and a half and $24 later, I returned home with some tempera paint, some incredibly cheap paintbrushes, foam mounting squares and some thin canvas boards. And then I started mixing paint and went to town!!



Here are some detail shots, because I am absolutely full of myself right now.





I feel so freaking accomplished right now.


And now I need to clean up after myself.


4 thoughts on “So much for reading.

    • 🙂

      The problem is that I now have a lot of tempera paint and no more canvas boards and no interesting ideas. Hmmmmmm…

    • Now that I’ve got this common room looking like an actual living space, I’m really excited to host Game Night. I just need to find an affordable card table.

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