That’s all the energy I have for the day.

Riddle me this, Internet: is there actually a good way to fold fitted sheets? Because for the past ten years or so, I’ve gotten as far as matching up a couple of corner seams and then settled for just wadding the damn things up into a kind of wrinkly roll that can be piled in with the other sheets.

I’m not saying that I actually would put in the effort to properly fold fitted sheets, I just, you know, want to know.

Last night, I went bowling with some friends. It was…an interesting experience. At one point, the machine started to clear the pins as one of the girls bowled her last shot and the computer gave her a miss and scored a strike for me. That was followed up by the machine allowing me to throw two balls before moving on to the next person. As a finale, another friend got to throw five extra balls because the computer refused to advance.

I’m always slightly disappointed, when I go bowling, that no little crew of Zen monks shows up a lá The Next Karate Kid. That is such a terrible movie and I love it unabashedly. Come to think of it, that’s one of my quote-along terrible movies that I don’t actually own! If anyone needs to come up with a present for me for any reason, there you have it: The Next Karate Kid. Or any other really terrible movie. I love them.

So…I decided to cook today.


REALLY cook.

I have a really slapdash manner of compiling a shopping list. I look over the ingredients of interesting recipes and scribble down the items I know or think I might need. And then I go to the store and usually just ignore the list anyway.


Pah, who needs tomato paste?! I've got homemade canned tomatoes!!

As it turns out, I should have ignored the part of that first recipe that read, “add two cups of bread crumbs.” That is a lot of bread crumbs, people. So, instead of eggplant!parmesan!bake, I wound up with eggplant-and-gummy-tomato-paste!bake. I even added a second pint of marinara sauce after the breadcrumbs to try to compensate. There are two layers of eggplant in it, too, so there’s enough to last for weeks.


Tastes pretty darn good but requires a gallon of water for drinking.

After repairing the damage I had done to the kitchen (I am not a neat chef), I went upstairs and sat down with my computer and started to play a flash game. I managed to play for about eight minutes before saying aloud, “…Why am I doing this? I want to be productive!

That statement came from me?! Alert the presses, the world is about to end!

And then I decided to excavate my room. This is an “oh ye gods, what have I done” decision.


This is my bed halfway through recreating my closet.


This is my closet three-quarters of the way through the battle.

And THIS beauty is my bed, complete with Inglebert the Dragon and the Slug-a-cado whichwill eventually be my nephew’s (but first I need to get off my duff and finish knitting his arms and legs).


My computer is logged into Chore Wars. You all wish you were as cool as me.

On a Chore Wars note, and I am eying someone in particular right now, I added a Crafty Room of Craftiness to the Guildhall of Choreliness and knitting a sock just so happens to now be an adventure waiting to be claimed…!

So, now my closet and my bed are fresh and organized and pretty and the rest of my room is a disaster of bags and heaps and suitcases and awfulness. I’m choosing to pretend that half of the room doesn’t exist and just enjoying a sense of accomplishment at using the closet for the first time in roughly ten months.

HEY GUESS WHAT. My mother is in California right now on BabyWatch. My sister is ready to burst. I AM ABOUT TO BECOME AN AUNT, WORLD. BRING ME THAT BABY!!!!


2 thoughts on “That’s all the energy I have for the day.

  1. So I have texted your father to see what is happening on the baby front!! Was this a planned baby watch or has the mom unit (grandmother to be) rushed out ahead of schedule????He has not returned my text and I am in agony awaiting his response.

    I must get back to Chore Wars now that I am returned from my short but extremely fun vacation! Is that me you are eyeballing for the sock knitting. Regardless If yes or no, it made me chuckle!!!

    I also think I have sent you a new Scrabble game – some how we got lost from each other on that front. I love Scrabble – much prefer it to Words with Friends but am having difficulty in getting others to believe me. Ah well – I have you and the brother o’mine unit to play with!!

    Love ya!

    • This is a planned watch! Kate’s sure the baby is going to happen in February (in which case, he’d better hurry up) but James is betting on March. Kate’s plan was for Mom to stay for an undefined amount of time to help with housework and things. Mom’s plan is to hold the baby every second he’s not being fed. We’ll see how that works out. 🙂

      You weren’t the one I was giving the stinkeye about knitting but you’re welcome to participate! I also promoted you, so you can create new adventures that I, not owning a house, wouldn’t have thought of.

      It’s absolutely ridiculous how excited I get every time I level up.

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