Found objects: apartment.

Chore Wars has me looking at my apartment with a different eye. Not only am I noticing things like homegirl needs to vacuum the stairs and that bookshelf is positively buried under dust, I’m seeing some interesting items that my eye usually just slides right over.


I'm not even entirely sure what this is the key to...the print-out, though, is my reservation confirmation for this year's Nerd Central: PAXEast 2012!!


You've channnnnged~ that spaaaarkle in your eyyyyyye is gone~


I have honestly never noticed that reflection on the wall until I took this picture!


Just to the right of this sloppy spackle is a light switch. I have spent more time pawing at that damn thing, half asleep, trying to turn on the light so I don't walk into anything on my way to the bathroom.


More evidence of my desperate need for additional bookshelves.


Blue skiiiiies, smiling at me~~~


Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It may or may not be a dizygothica?


The pieces, and now the strips, of this quilt top have been laying on the back of the loveseat for the last...two years and one month. Oops. At least it's pretty?!


One of the residents of this apartment prior to my time did not have a clear understanding of science.


Wild starlings: the only pets my allergies and budget allow me to have.


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