More fun than I’ve ever had scrubbing a toilet!

You guys. You guys.

I am so giddily, geekily in love with Chore Wars. I spent an absolutely hysterical stretch of time coming up with terminology and random encounters and treasures. I have done more housework in the last hour than I have done in the last two weeks. I am thrilled.

It all started this morning when I tweeted my glee at the 20xp I’d earned by taking out the trash (I positively loathe taking out the trash). Asagaobalcony replied that she’d taken part in a knitting challenge in Chore Wars a couple of years ago, to which I immediately and eloquently said

First: “SDKJHGDFGOJWOPNBDFS” (or something to that effect)


This woman should win all kinds of dealing-with-crazy-people awards. She didn’t run screaming in the other direction. Instead, she joined my adventuring party. I want to make sure you pick up on this, because this is a very important part of my daily-life narrative:



She asked about additional chores, then sent me a list of tasks for consideration. I put on my Thinking Cap and started brewing up monsters and rewards and had a blast. I went around telling all of my coworkers how extremely desperate I was to get home and clean something (I collected a lot of snorted laughter and strange looks while I was doing this but I can’t be sure how much was in response and how much was simply the usual reaction to interacting with me).

THEN. In the afternoon, one of my coworkers decided to check in on the game and see what it was all about. Standing behind my chair, she exclaimed, gleefully, “I do that one every day! Oh, I just did that one! I do that one every day, too!” And then she asked for an invitation to my party and disappeared into her own office.

And then she called me to say, “I am kicking your ass!”

I was still laughing about it when I passed the receptionist on my way out of the building and of course I had to explain things to her. Well, okay, to be honest, it went thusly: I kind of explained a little bit, she looked up the website all on her own, I started crowing things like “joooooooooin meeeee,” one thing led to another and then I had another member for my adventuring party!

I had spent the day vaguely frustrated with life in general because tonight was bookclub night and I couldn’t go home and clean. I went to the usual café, I ordered dinner, I read another chapter of Reality is Broken, and then I realized that bookclub is next week AND in a different place. And then I had a good long laugh at myself and went the hell home to sort the recycling.

The dilemma I will face, I’m realizing, is to not let myself become the only person in the apartment who does chores. I am one of five people, which makes for a lot of opportunities for taking out the trash (urgh), but would be completely overwhelming and incredibly unfair on the whole. On the other hand, I need the extra chores because I am at a disadvantage by not owning pets (“livestock”) to care for and claim points from. My obsessive desire to level up as quickly as possible could very easily lead to burn out and frustration. I am having entirely too much fun right now to let that possibility loom large in my future.

I’m also struck with a need to firm up my real-life rewards from this game. Ideally, all participants would be in a position to reap direct feedback from the rewards, like using their gold and items to bid on which film to watch during movie night or the top performer getting treated to dinner. Playing alone together makes that pretty unreasonable and it makes more sense for each player to determine their own rewards. That can be undesirable, though, because what would be the point of competition?

For me, seeing how I’m doing in comparison to my friends is enough. I mentioned yesterday that my reward would probably be books, so the problem I’m stuck with is what the conversion ration works out to be. A gold-to-dollars conversion rate is a little tricky because an arbitrary exchange rate like “two gold to a penny” would make it utterly impossible to reward myself with new books more than once every six months, but it would be far more economical in the long run. [[And believe you me, one thing I desperately need in my life (besides a neater apartment) is solid economic sustainability.]]

I must admit that this is my favorite kind of problem. I anticipate many long debates with myself in the near future.

IN THE MEANTIME. People, you should join my adventuring party. It is an absurd amount of fun to get out of something that needs to be done anyway. Even if you make a character and play for two days and decide it’s not for you, it’s free and there’s no harm in trying it out and seeing how often other people suffer through the same things you do.

So, if you’d like to give it a shot, please join the Guildhall of Choreliness.

Also, please note that the site even generates a completely free avatar for embedding into websites like, oh, blogs. And because I am an unrepentant dork, even if the wars don’t interest you, you can take a looksee on the sidebar over there and see how my character is getting along.

[[This is pointless and nerdy and absurd and I apologize for nothing!!]]


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