Listen, sometimes that’s not to be taken for granted.

Homegirl is finally (hopefully) recovered from a stint of working three jobs, living arrangements changing, and general stress. I have so many things I intended to babble about over the past few months, such as small town Thanksgiving Day parades and what it’s like to walk through the Boston Common on a fall afternoon and the awesome-ocity that is a glass museum and the wedding of a childhood friend, but things just kept getting away from me!

…Speaking of which, I am a horrible person. You know what I found this weekend, in a corner of my yarn box? THE WASHCLOTHS I KNIT FOR PERU PROJECT 17. I suuuuuuuuuuuck. Some of them even have ends that still need be woven back in – such half-hearted work! Jackie, I’m so sorry! You’re allowed to shun me forever. I will definitely get these out to you for the Christmas 2012 shipment.

I have managed to complete a few things, knitting-wise. I made my father a hat for Christmas, my first hat ever!, and I was very tempted to keep it. It turns out that even though I am allergic to wool I am not allergic to alpaca. At least, I’m not allergic enough to it to not be able to knit with it.

It's a Dadhat!

Hi, Dad! ❤

My Christmas present to my mother, on the other hand, was to watch me knit all week long. I started working on her scarf way back in October when I visited my sister in California. I finished it in the car while they were driving me to the bus station to come back to Boston after the holiday.

It's a scarfy scarf, Momscarf

Hiya, Mom! And lady in the background whom I don't know! ❤

OH. And I never showed any pictures of the Super Seekrit Project I was working on this past summer!! I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone at the time, but my sister was newly expecting and I was making this:


'Peelar for my nephew-to-be.

Speaking of knits for my nephew-to-be, I am working on another. It started out looking like nothing so much as a Cranky Avocado.



Now it has a tail and it looks much more like an Angry Slug.

It looks a little like Slimer, actually...

Eventually, hopefully, my Slugocado will look something like this awesomesauce Grumpasaurus. And then I think I’m probably going to end up making a series of facialexpression!fruit to hoard all to myself. I will be cursing the names of every single person who didn’t magically know I was entering the world of double-pointed needles and call me to say, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP!!” You have failed me.

You know who you are.

My future nephew is imminent, all but looming, and I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the concept of “baby.” I gravitate heavily toward books, Erector sets, model rockets and Easy Bake Ovens (hey, boys can bake, too).

[There is actually a model rocket that my father gave me for Christmas back in high school which we never got a chance to set off…I spent a fair amount of time while I was with my parents for the holidays eyeing it as it sat innocently in my old closet. I had too much knitting to do to go out and set stuff on fire, though. Sigh.]

Okay, it is now time for Homegirl to go to sleep. I’ve been feeling some extreme exhaustion over the past week and I’m seeing a doctor tomorrow to see if I have developed the diabetes that looms in my mother’s side of the family. I am, essentially, a ninety-year-old woman. At least I’ve already made lunch for tomorrow, so I won’t add to my tab at the cafeteria (yikes). Small victory but victory nonetheless!


3 thoughts on “OH MY GOD IT LIVES

  1. Oh Meg, I’m so happy to hear from you!!!!! And for the washcloths…. this Christmas will do just fine!

    I love the hat, scarf and little toys you’ve made…. admit it, you’re loving the knitting aren’t you??? It’s okay, you can say yes!!!!

    Glad all is well! Be well and knit happy!

  2. Hey – love ya!! What a fun post. Love all the knitting you’re doing. I’m finishing up sock pair #2. The second set is for Michele. Lucky girl – I love them so last night wore the finished one whilst working on the other. Ha ha I had KT on my mind the other day and was hoping all was well. Playing Scrabble doesn’t fill me in on nephew to be status so was wondering. Brian is hoping the great even happens March 1. What fun that will be – 3 family birthdays on the same day.

    Keep writing as you have time – and hey don’t forget to send along your new mailing address lest someone need it.

  3. Apparently my fingers didn’t work well enough to add a ‘t’ to the word evenTTT. Ah well!!! and I signed my name wrong – s/b AJ. Sigh (again)

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