Just a quickie!

I find it imperative at this moment to report that I successfully made it through the day yesterday without a migraine. I did have a headache but I avoided the full-blown shebang. I didn’t even have to take any medication!! Today, unfortunately, I’ve already had to take some ibuprofen and I’m trying to avoid taking more.

Medication – that’s how you know you’re really having headaches. It’s not when your head feels as though it’s exploding, it’s not when you’re nauseous, it’s not when you can’t stand upright. It’s when a surgical specialist looks at you and tells you to take 4 ibufrofen AND 2 aspirin at the first sign of pressure in your skull. It’s also when he stares you down and informs you that you have severe allergic rhinitis, muscle spasms in your face and scalp due to TMJ and muscle spasms around the base of your skull because the muscles in your neck are corded so tightly.

This week, my chiropractor is my best friend. I even forgive him for the fact that, now that my neck is loosened up a tiny bit, I feel every bit of strain from every tiny motion. He’s taught me some key pressure points. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Changing gears entirely: I am making this right now for Second Thanksgiving – a gathering of one of my bookclub!friends friends. I’m kind of excited about meeting more of her social group; the ones I met heretofore have been utterly fabulous people. Huzzah for making new acquaintances!

Oh, and I have good news! I seem to have escaped allergies to alpaca! Or at least, the prickling I experience in hands is slight enough to compare with dry skin. This is fabulous for me, as it means that I can make a whole slew of really warm things that previously seemed like dubious prospects. Louise, thank you so much for sending me those skeins to play with. May I reimburse you for them?

That’s all for now – I have some small-town parade pictures and some walking-in-the-park pictures I plan on sharing sometime soon but for now I’m going to go lie down.


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