Welcome home.

It has snowed twice in Boston since I arrived back from California on Wednesday night. My heart, it breaks. To ease my transition from the warmth, I have spent the last few days scrolling through the pictures I took on a walk around my sister’s neighborhood. More spam!!


Poor, lonely blanket.


I almost dropped my phone when I took this. Butterfingers.


These tendrils were on the park!side of the fence, so they're public property, right?




California sort of has an autumn...


Anyone got a swordfish steak handy?


California publicworks lawnmowers don't have bags attached.


How did the grass end up mimicking the shadow?


A true Californian mandate.


I would have climbed this tree if I were taller!


Hello, friend!


I can post blurry pictures of my sister's garden.


It's my duty and my right as the annoying younger sibling.

While I’m feeling nostalgic, we also went to the 25th annual Bridge School Benefit concert. This is better than Christmas for my brother-in-law. Frankly, I can see why! Nothing about that concert was not incredible.

We heard Norah Jones, Beck, Santana, Eddie Vedder, Mumford & Sons, and Dave Matthews, with appearances from time to time by Neil Young himself. Arcade Fire were slated to perform after we left but frankly, I think I’d probably have passed out within another twenty minutes if we’d stayed. [Stupid East Coast internal clock!!]


That is a lot of people!

The whole amphitheater-on-a-hill experience reminded me heavily of the Emerson, Lake & Palmer concert my parents took me to when I was in middle school and madly in love with their music. [I still am!! In love with their music, I mean, not in middle school. Ew.]

But. As I stated earlier, I had to return to New England.

This was our yard on Friday morning. S-sob!


And this is the view from my window right now.


More sobbing. Sadfaces. Sadfaces up the wazoo.

On the up side of cold weather (which might actually be an oxymoron), I used the nervous energy of my social anxiety while at the Bridge School concert to knitknitknit and I finished my scarf the day before I left California. I blocked it while I recovered from jetlag and I have worn it proudly while sitting on my bed and waiting for the space heater to take effect after work on Friday.




3 thoughts on “Welcome home.

  1. Meg,
    For someone who was just learning to knit a few months ago, YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY BABY. That scarf is beautiful! Congratulations.

  2. Wow – some fabulous pix. I love all the patterns you found. I thought there was a turtle in the tree you thought about climbing.
    I am also jealous of your beautiful scarf. If you think of it could you bring the pattern along. Altho’ my knitting seems to have stalled I know I will pick it up again. I tried 5 times to start a pair of socks (I love to knit them) and just couldn’t get it right so I stopped that for a while. I am also a year into a sweater and am only half way so I really need to focus. But that scarf is so lacy looking I just love it!!

    Will be seeing you very soon……..

    PS How much snow did you finally get? I heard various rumors of 10-28 inches in Massachusetts – no confirmation tho’

  3. Hi Meg,

    Are you sure you weren’t a photography or art major in school? You seem to have a real eye for photographing the most interesting things! So glad you shared them with us!

    Now for your knitting…… WOW…. you are doing amazing! I love the scarf. What a great pattern. My knitting as of late is pretty sad. I really need to light a fire under my needles…. a few projects need to get done before Christmas!

    I hope the winter is kind to you this year. Hard to believe the first snow started before Halloween!


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