Westward, ho!

There is not enough coffee in the world.

I am on my way to the opposite coast to visit my sister and brother-in-law. The awful thing about being the younger sibling is that by the time you have a job and some savings and can afford to fly across the country, your sister already has 3.5 children, a dog, and a pet cactus. Luckily for me, my mother is a bleeding heart and shelled out for a trip before I reached that point. (Thanks for the early Christmas present, Mom!)

When my phone alarm started blaring obnoxious Japanese rock music at 4:10, I had a little heart attack and cried a little inside. I think, despite my natural inclination toward sucking at life, that I have everything I intended to bring. I couldn’t find my non-crappy pair of sunglasses, of course, but I do have the crappy ones so at least my eyes won’t shrivel up and turn to dust in the California sunshine. [I’m a New England girl. How do people from sunny areas survive?!]

To be honest, I’m really not clear on the concept of a “vacation.” Lengthy trips were just not something my family could do between all the dance competitions and theater rehearsals, not to mention my parents’ work schedules. My mother was a teacher, so her vacations were the same as ours, but she needed to put a lot of time into packing and unpacking her classroom every break. My father has been largely self-employed my entire life and has always had to split his time between running me and my sister to practices and running all over the surrounding 300 miles for work. (Don’t dispute that mileage number, Dad, I will fight you on it.)

My main goal for this trip is to explore as much of my sister’s neighborhood as possible. Well. Explore AND get a lot of sleep. And not choke to death on the perfume of the woman sitting two seats away from me in the terminal.

Food allergies are considered dangerous enough to ban the eating of nut-containing products on a flight that has an allergic passenger. Why are other allergies not considered so important? I don’t have food allergies (except for catfish) but I cough, wheeze, get migraines, lose my voice, my sinuses swell, and my throat and bronchial tubes close up. I don’t sneeze, so most people don’t believe that I have severe allergies. I cannot handle perfumes, colognes, lotions, shampoos, candles, soaps, air fresheners, fabric softeners, or even Febreeze.

[Seriously, makers of Febreeze, what good does it do anyone to put a scent in an allergen-controlling product?!]

Ah, I am now in the proper state if mind to fly. I shall be shifty-eyed and twitchy around all my fellow passengers, wondering which one is going to make my chest constrict and pain blossom under my clavicle. Good thing I’m already through security!


One thought on “Westward, ho!

  1. Ah – this reminds me for the second time today that I remembered KT’s birthday until it actually arrived and then again today. Twice – tell her HB from Aunt J. And as for allergies – I believe you – I get headaches and my throat does funny things as well.

    Enjoy your vacation!! Love ya!

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