What the Fluff?!

I freaking love where I live. You never know what you’re going to run into.

Apparently, Somerville is the birthplace of Fluff. Somehow, in the eight years I have lived in and around Boston, I never picked up on the marshmallow vibes of the area. Perhaps this is because I don’t actually care for Fluff very much. I can work my way through a Jet-Puffed bag without a thought but I’ve only ever liked marshmallow goo when it’s inside a crisply charred marshmallow shell (even better if it has little flecks of bark in it because you yanked a dry twig off a tree in your back yard to do some roasting).

Today was the sixth annual What the Fluff? festival in Union Square in Somerville.


Somerville! Fluff!

I did a quick lap of the festivities to see what might merit further investigation. People, these folks are serious about their Fluff stuff.


That had better not be real.

There was a Fluff cook-off. There were Fluff games. There were Fluff booths. The Fluff cupcakes looked a tad bit terrifying and I didn’t even let myself go near the Fluff pizza, but I couldn’t say no to a smore and a bottle of water.

Be jealous!

I said A smore, lady! A, AN, ONE!

Eating these was a battle and a half! I got chocolate and Fluff all over my fingers (and on my shirt, of course) and had to spend more time than I care to admit gnawing at a fingernail to get all the goo off it. That stuff is partially sentient, I think.

Speaking of having trouble getting Fluff off skin, welcome to what is quite possibly the most awful thing I have ever witnessed.







There are some very grounded children in Somerville tonight. Good thing that stuff is water-soluble! [I had to look that up, because I can’t imagine the amount of GooGone and shampoo that mess would require.]

There were also some children that will be grounded within the next few days.



There were a few children that were just too darn cute to ground even if they desperately needed laundering.

asdfkjgsdf so cute!!!

Why hello there, little man!

The picture just doesn’t do it justice…there were crumbs and smears and drips all over that tiny polo. And that face! askdjfghs the face! ❤

Being who I am, much of my attention went to the four-legged children. Their human parents will probably regret introducing them to Fluff.


Can I have a Fluffernutter, Mom?

I am a toasted Fluffdog!

What IS this stuff, Dad?


I don't want any, Mom, I don't want to get my 'dana dirty!

Speaking of outfits.

Human smore!!

He looked just as delicious from the front as from his grahammy backside...


Please don't hurt me.



I don't...what?


Well, hellooooooo.

Living here has some definite perks!

I have one small point of concern and then I’m going to put myself to bed to sleep off the smores:


See that sign up there on the left? The sign that says OFFICE SPACE? Yeah, that’s office space for rent in the police station. Think on that.

[Personally, I think Somerville needs a resident wizard detective. Southie has Connor Grey, after all…!]

…Okay, one last last thing. Jim Henson? I love your work. You were an amazing artist, an absolute creative genius. Thank you so much.


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