Bring it on.

“I’m going to assume that you have reached the party to whom you were not intending to speak.” I love when my father answers the house phone.

I have a really, truly wonderful family. When Irene started showing signs of bypassing Florida, my mother advised me that her sister might call me. A couple of hours later, my aunt did indeed contact me. She gave me a run-down of the hurricane survival pamphlet her neighbors gave her when she moved down to FL. Again, thank you, Cathy! I’d never thought about filling the bathtub to have water to use for flushing toilets. It seems so obvious now…

One of my cousins lives in North Carolina. Her mother, my father’s sister, is down there visiting right now. She sent me an email yesterday morning saying she hoped I would stay safe. Let me reiterate this: the woman in NC, which was hours away from making Irene’s acquaintance, was concerned about my readiness here in Boston, where even now we’re half a day away from the storm. [Aunt Judy, you silly. <3] I'm not terribly worried, because Judy is sensible in a way most people (myself most emphatically included) are not and I know she made sure she and my cousin were prepared.

For my part, here in Boston, I'm keeping an eye on the wind speed predictions and indulging my neuroses. I've made sure my emergency radio is charged and has batteries, I've filled several large plastic jugs with water, I've gathered my 12-hour lightsticks, and I made a special trip to the supermarket yesterday for nonperishable foodstuffs that don't need to be cooked or can be cooked on a charcoal grill. In addition, I called some friends over to my apartment last night to chat and play games and order dinner and have a fantastic time, so I am relaxed and happy.

I plan to hunker down in my apartment with my knitting and my books and my jigsaw puzzle. When Irene makes her way north, I'll be ready.


People on the East Coast, stay safe and dry and be careful!


2 thoughts on “Bring it on.

  1. Be safe Meg! Glad you have a few things to keep you occupied….. knitting is great and the puzzle looks like fun too!!! I’m still knitting washcloths…. have collected 95 of the 105 I need to send to the orphanage, so I’ve dug the needles and yarn out of the boxes…. feels good to knit…

    • I have five to send to you! I’m a slacker, I’ve been meaning to send them….

      The current knitting project is…about as frustrating as I should have expected. I’m trying to make a scarf that has a little lace pattern. Dropped stitches and yarnovers are the bane of my existence!

      How is the unpacking going?

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