Listen up, people! This is a eulogy.

This is Darth.


'Sup, bro?

I don’t know who put him there. Geek graffiti for the win!!

Darth lives under the highway overpass. I pass him every morning as I walk to work. I like to chat with him.

“I know just how you feel, man. It’s gonna be one of those days.”

Sometimes I wander back across the parking lots at the end of the day to stand with Darth while I wait for a bus to come take me home.

Well, I shall do those things no more.


Luuuuuuuuke, I am yo-----askdhsfgdh noooooo!


I had been harboring a suspicion that my day was going to be awful because I’d worked awfully hard at my current travel!knitting project (a scarf) and somehow I’d added a stitch and I knew it was going to eat at me all day until I could take out my knitting at lunch.

And then I walked under the highway, turned my head to give my customary greeting, and…

Of course, then I simply had to call my father and wail at him over the horribleness that was my fate. I got laughed at and offered condolences and laughed at some more. I went into work, responded to my boss’s “How are you this morning?” with “awful!” and got laughed at some more. I gave serious consideration to imitating this girl:


Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?

[Later this morning, I went to his office and asked, “Did we ever decide on such-and-such?” To which his reply was, “…No. But we should. You started talking about it and I ignored you, if you want to know what happened.” I told him that sometimes I really hate working for him and got laughed at again. No respect, I tell you!]

When lunch finally rolled around, I wolfed down a tuna sandwich and spent 43 minutes un-knitting the last two rows I’d added to the scarf, stitch. by. stitch. I must make some really interesting faces when I do that. I seemed to really entertain the two coworkers who wandered in.

On the bright side, I seem to bring a lot of laughter into people’s days. I’m glad I fulfill a higher purpose in life. 🙂

The good news is that I managed not to drop any stitches while I was un-knitting, so I got back to the correct number of stitches and didn’t have to frog all the work that I’ve done so far yet again. This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten, just under two inches of length, and I honestly think I would cry if I had to cast on for the sixth time.

I’ve digressed.

What I mean to say, Darth, is that you were awesome. I’ll miss you, buddy. No one will wonder if I’m a crazy homeless girl who stole reasonably presentable clothes from the last KMart delivery truck, now. Or, maybe they will, but it won’t be because I’m having a conversation with the painted dude. I’ll just sadly salute the embers that remain and go about my merry way (or my despondent way, if I’ve been attempting to knit).


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