Per my mother, I decided to double-check the usage of my particles. My understanding was that “a” versus “an” was a matter of pronunciation preference. Much like “an historical,” I tend to write along the lines of my speech patterns. When speaking, I tend to elide things a great deal. I sometimes don’t pronounce the “h” in “historic,” it’s easier to say. Similarly, I elide the “n” into the “y” sound of “eulogy,” which is more pleasant to my ear.

But mother mother had fanned the flame of my nerdery. I went investigating the proper usage of “a” versus “an” before the word “eulogy.” Allow me to show you what I have found:

Query! and then Response!

As per the New York Times, 1906, we have an official answer:

Saying “an eulogy” qualifies as barbaric.

Sigh. I hang my head in shame, acknowledge my forthcoming struggles with self-chastisement over pronunciation, and hereby re-title the preceding entry to read: “a eulogy.”

And now I’m going to go cry myself to sleep. Ta!


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