Glutton for punishment.

It’s finally cool enough that I can breathe without feeling like I’m going to burst into flame. Thank goodness for thunderstorms and greenery, or summer would have to be written out of my calendar entirely. Give me windchill any day! You can always bulk up on sweaters and blankets and huddle with others for warmth. You can not walk around naked as the day you were born without either contracting a horrible disease or getting arrested. Or both. Ew.

Sadly for me, it is both warm and humid enough that the mere thought of stepping outside my air conditioned bedroom with long pants on causes me to break out in a sweat. Shorts are a necessary part of my existence in the summer months. The thing I need to remember, though, is that not all shorts are worthy of being worn out in public. Oh, sure, the hole may be small right now, but somewhere between putting them on and sitting down to brunch in a restaurant, there will be a big, huge, gaping hole on the inside of one of your thighs. And don’t ever say to yourself, “well, that stinks, but I’ll catch whichever bus comes first and if it’s Bus A I’ll go straight home but if it’s Bus B I’ll take it to the craft store and get a crochet hook and just take small steps so no one sees.”

~Public Service Announcement~

Please note for future reference that, in Boston, not all buses run their full circuit on Sundays. Some stop a mile away from their usual final destination. Please be aware that this distance constitutes a 15-minute walk.

~This Has Been a Public Service Announcement~

So that happened.

I went to the craft store to get a crochet hook, my first ever, because I finally discovered that the pattern I’m working on will require a crochet hook at the very end. Um…it was very expensive, very high quality crochet hook and the money I spent at the craft store had absolutely nothing to do with two skeins of yellow acrylic or a pair of no.4 bamboo needles. I just have very discerning taste.

[In case anyone was wondering (which I know you all were), I am now working on two knitting projects at the same time. I must secretly hate myself, deep down in the dusty corners of my mind.]

And that’s all I have to say about that.

GASP!!! Progress?!

Most people would have 17 of these done by now...


4 thoughts on “Glutton for punishment.

  1. 1. You can if you’re a member of SMAP. 2. My heatwave is coming your way. 3. Wait until you discover Lantern Moon needles. 4. Do you knit on the bus?

    • 1. He was DAMN lucky he didn’t get arrested! It’s not like Johnny’s would tell us about any icky diseases, though, so I say jury’s still out on that one! 2. WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT. Let me live in blissful ignorance! …At least now I know I have to put “go shopping for shorts” much higher on my priority list. 3. I’m actually kind of afraid to find out what those are and I’m putting gargantuan amounts of effort into NOT looking them up on Google. 4. Yes! I’ve developed motion sickness in my old age, so I can’t read on the bus anymore. I love having something to do with my hands.
      Also, I LOVE YOU. ❤

  2. I LOVE your project!!!!! And, you now own 2 sets of needles and 1 crochet hook!!!! Yup, you are a knitter at heart!!!! This is only the beginning!!!!!

    • This is my second attempt at this project – the first wound up with so many problems that I just snipped what I had done and tossed it in the trash bin and started over. There…are rows in that little thing that have been knit four times. Augh!

      Last night was horrible for me in a “budding-knitter” way: asagao, who commented above you, spent some of her evening sending me links to websites that sell yarn. I…I have so little self-control! At least I can keep myself from buying wool because of my allergies. I’m working manfully to not purchase some cotton/bamboo blends, though!

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