Friday night in!

If no one has called by 7:00 on a Friday night and tiredness has refused to give way to early sleep, it’s a safe bet that what I’m going to do is fool around on the Internet.

Here for your boredom and/or pleasure, are my favorite sites to waste inordinate amounts of time on: → Little egg icons which you can collect! If you “take care of them” they hatch into itty bitty little dragon graphics! Which you can “raise” into adult dragons! Which do, essentially, nothing! I must collect them all!!! → I am a HUGE nerd, so it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are a few of these that I check every morning before I even get out of bed: Lio, The Wizard of ID, B.C., Shoe, and Scary Gary.

Hanafuda → A flash version of a card game that is very popular in Asian cultures. Because I am a nerd (and a broken record), I like to play the Japanese language version. This made it really hard for me to figure out the rules, but I’ve been playing it for about five years now and I think I’ve got it mostly figured out. The English version of this game and many others (including Mahjong and Four Color Problem, which are also huge destroyers of my brain) can be found here.

Oberin → Oberin itself is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (“mmorpg,” as we Internet geeks like to call them). Here’s the awesome thing: it is ONLY FOR MACINTOSH and NOT FOR PROFIT. This website is the “real world” manifestation of the Oberin universe and hosts the game client (for downloading and updating), a basic player’s guide, and the discussion forum. I love dropping in at the forum to check in on the debates – Oberin has a really unique culture in that the people who maintain and moderate the game do it as a labor of love and refuse to take payment, players are encouraged to offer ideas and opinions no matter how long they’ve been playing, and the game has existed in some format since the mid 1990’s so there is actually an organic history built into the game!! [Some of the players have chronicled this mythology in a blog.] I first started playing this game when I entered college and I love it as much now as I did then. I especially love the player forum and the hilarious screenshots people post.

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr → This one is entirely self-explanatory. Don’t judge me.

ZombieFit → Also pretty self-explanatory, this is a blogged fitness regimen for surviving the zombie apocalypse. I do none of these things. Every once in a while I like to pop by to see just how screwed I’m going to be when The Time Comes. → When I get back around to restarting my Master’s thesis, this will be the topic of it. I have used and enjoyed this website since high school and the concept of it predates the popularity of the Internet (a couple of ethnographers’ field notebooks were typed into a computer and saved onto a batch of floppy disks which were then handed out and passed around and added to by all sorts of people). The song archive went online in the 90s and a forum went live in 1998. It’s been coolness at full speed ever since.

365 Days Project → This was originally run in 2003 but was so awesome there was a repeat in 2007. It is now another four years later and I’ve really been hoping WFMU would give us another go at it. This is a collection of Bad Music and Bad Sound Art and Bad Audio Recording (really, fantastically, bad). My favorites are Thunderstorm, Ringworm/You Say France and I Whistle/I Want a Donut, Dicks Don’t Grow On Trees, The Salad Song, and Wilkomen. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THESE. I demand it!

JustBento → This always ends poorly for me because I wind up wishing that I had the time and the inkling to put a bit of effort into my meals or, better yet, that I had a nice little wife tucked away at home who would make me these adorable meals. Look at those puzzle-piece-shaped sandwich cutters!! Eeeeeee!

JigZone → I was introduced to this website by a coworker in the university library I worked in for four years. It has been my friend through long, dark hours of insomnia and no one requesting any Interlibrary Loan material (the 247-piece triangle cuts usually take me just under an hour). They’ve got a feature that allows you to upload your own images and make digital jigsaws out of them, which I have traditionally used on other people’s vacation photos and thereby lived vicariously, huzzah.

And there you have it: concrete proof that I am an exceedingly easy-to-please individual. Go forth and waste time, my people!


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