Homegirl’s guide to Boston

The following is the majority of an e-mail I wrote to my cousin, whose family is coming to Boston, yay! Posted here for the sake of my being able to remember, in the future, what I have recommended to people. Hopefully they’ll visit again and I’ll be able to suggest different activities instead of just repeating these! …Although, these really ARE among my favorites, so that might be difficult!

Geez, I could write a thousand pages about my favorite things to do and places to go here in Boston! Let your parents know Crazy Cousin Meg might not be a good source for advice. I have a terrible time choosing between everything!

If you guys are planning on a Duck Tour, you may want to think about spending a day at the Museum of Science. It’s one of my favorite places in the city (my Dad and I went together a couple of years ago and spent the whole day in ONE wing – we were INSIDE an exhibit when they shut the lights off at the end of the day!). They have a lot of really great features: a planetarium, a butterfly garden, a lightning machine, and right now they’ve got several special exhibits about dinosaurs. There’s a Duck Tour kiosk right at the Museum, which is super handy.

Since you’re planning on a whale watch, make sure you bring your coats! It gets wicked cold out there on the open ocean. I’ve also gotten some really impressive sunburns out there, so definitely pack the sunblock. At the very least, grab a nice warm hoodie and your sunglasses as well as your camera. The New England Aquarium runs a couple of whale watch trips each day and comes straight back into the harbor a few feet from the Aquarium itself. Convenient!

While you’re up at the Aquarium, you should definitely drift toward the North End. There are a lot of really fantastic restaurants there, just a short walk from the Aquarium. In particular, you need to check out a place called Mike’s Pastries. It’s AMAZING. Even if none of you are hungry, it’s worth the trip to see the number of people who crowd into that store. I take my parents there every time they visit me. 🙂 Plus, the cookies and the pastries are really fantastic.

Mike’s is up on Hanover Street, about six blocks from the Aquarium. It’s actually just one block away from the Paul Revere House, which is neat. The North End in general is a really nice place to spend some time: the people are really interesting, there are lots of beautiful buildings, the food is incredible, and no matter what direction you’re facing, you’re looking at something that was involved in the Revolutionary War.

Anyway, those are some of my favorite spots. Are there any particular things you or your brother were interested in seeing in the city? There are some really cool museums and a lot of pretty parks and gardens you could check out. Just let me know what strikes your fancy and I’ll see if I can suggest something to match. 🙂

SUPER excited whenever family comes to town. I love getting to show off my city!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Homegirl’s guide to Boston

  1. Is the “North End” an Italian neighborhood? I remember passing a lot of Italian bakeries on the way to Paul Revere’s house, but that was 30 years ago so a lot may have changed. I like pastries and I like Aquariums, so the North End is definitely on our “when Jenn visits” list. I have no idea when that will be, but it will happen. Unless you move here first. 😉

  2. Yep, the North End is the homebase of all the adorable old Italian men, feisty Italian women, visiting mobsters, and amazing bakeries and eateries. I love walking around there – it’s actually one of the safest, as well as best-smelling, areas of the city. They take care of their own up there. It is, however, surprisingly hard to find a pasta machine for sale.

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