Kitty: TKO

Oh my lord, my eyes. The allergies, they buuuuuuuuurn.

So incredibly worth it.

I am a cat person. I like dogs, too (and birds, and rodents, and snakes, and fish, and basically anything other than centipedes and millipedes and mosquitoes), but cats are definitely my favorites. It’s been long enough since I was tested for various allergies that I should probably go for a scratch test and see what bothers me the most, but I know for a fact that cats will be way up high, maybe even at the top of the list. [As I recall, I was pronounced “far less allergic” to cows than to any other animal. It’s too bad that cows, as hilariously entertaining and useful as they are, do not qualify as lap animals. I like me some cuddles.]

Some friends of mine recently got a kitten. She’s just over two months old, gangly as all get out, a little bit squeaky, and fiercely interested in everything. The other night, she discovered that she could pull my glasses off of my face with one quick swipe if she waited until I wasn’t paying attention. She decided that my humidity-frizzed hair is an acceptable substitute for her human mommy’s bouncy curls as long as it’s tied back into a nice, bite-able tail.

I was kitty-sitting her while my friends went away overnight. I packed some clothes for work, tossed my computer in my bag, went over and let myself into their apartment, saw the kitten, and promptly turned into a Cat Versus Human drawing. We played with stuffed mice, my socks, my toes (ow), a paper bag, the water in the bathroom sink, a pen, the strings on my hoodie. We played until the kitten decided that I was Too Stupid To Live (I’m not good at maintaining a grip on a laser pointer when I’m falling asleep, I find) and wandered off into the darkness. I curled up on the couch and dozed off, waking probably an hour or so later to find that the cat had curled up on me. [There may have been a very quiet, very high-pitched squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uttered at this point, but only the neighborhood dogs will ever know.] I haven’t had a kitty to doze with in several years but there’s something about that warm little purring body that has always made sleep easier and more restful.

My favorite thing about this little cat is that when she decides it’s time to cuddle, she decides It’s Time To Cuddle. There is no avoiding it or moving away from it or not returning the attention she’s giving you. She squirms up as close to you as she can, she worms her way under folded arms and around a defenseless neck. She settles in right next to your ear and makes noises that diesel engines would envy. She butts her head against your cheek, follows every movement of your hand for maximum contact and presses her face against your chin while you skritch her ears.

Excuse me some keymash, if you will. sdkfghsulkdjfghsldfcjkgh I love this cat.

Morning greeted me with so much sinus pressure that I couldn’t focus my eyes. I couldn’t sniffle without the sudden deep breath triggering a coughing fit. My ears were so plugged I could barely hear.

And I loved. every. minute. of it.

Now, before anyone asks, yes, I had my allergy medications. I took my antihistamine pill, used my bronchial steroids, used my nasal steroids, and put in my antihistamine eye drops. Someday when I’m not destitute and can afford more specialist copays, I shall go to a new allergist and get a new scratch test and get allergy shots to make me able to cope with kitties. Until then, I’ll just keep kitten-sitting for my friends.

And speaking of my friends.

They went and got engaged while I was watching their kitty! They are two of the brightest, sweetest, nicest people I know and I’ve considered them a married couple ever since I met them three years ago. They’re wonderful together and they’re wonderful friends and I am thrilled to pieces for them. Congratulations, you two!

Need a catsitter for your honeymoon?


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