A Disclaimer

I am a poor, penniless person. I am more than eighty thousand dollars in debt from school loans and I work an hourly position as a desk jockey.

I feel guilty about it, but at this point in my life I simply cannot afford to purchase many books, music and movies, let alone import any from abroad. If it ameliorates any tiny bit of karmic burden for me, I do not keep nor distribute my bootlegged files. I am hoping that some future day will see me equipped to purchase every drama, film, novel, album, or novelty that intrigues me and thereby support the livelihoods of the actors, writers, artists, musicians, et cetera who worked to create those things.

It is safe to assume that any given foreign production I mention in this blog has been downloaded for the sake of viewing. It is likely that any music I talk about has been burned from cds loaned to me or uploaded and emailed to me by friends. Almost every book I own or am likely to purchase has or will come from a used book store and the authors will never know a dime of what little money I have spent. I do not watch television; what few shows I occasionally watch are streamed on the Internet, rarely by sites of which the copyright holders approve. I am addicted to Flash games but have never once contributed to shareware nor donated to developers on gaming sites.

I ask the forbearance of anyone and everyone who happens upon this information and takes umbrage at my penny pinching. Someday I will pay it back in spades. For now, rest assured that I am making no profits of any kind from my ill-gotten goods, I encourage the purchase of merchandise and monetary support of those who create it and I offer my sincerest thanks to those same creators.

And just to cover all my bases, unlikely though it is that this clause will ever be broached: no content in this blog will ever be subsidized nor advertised for any reason other than that I happen to feel like it.


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